Deafness and working memory

This experiment (Sylvie Petibou and Lucie Magnien, 2007; supervised by Denis Alamargot), aims at the temporal analysis of deaf children’s written production. A second goal is to evaluate the impact of working memory. This experiment follows a first one:

Alamargot D., Lambert, E., THEBAULT, C. & Dansac C. (2007). Text composition by deaf and hearing middle-school students: The role of working memory. Reading and Writing, 20(4), 333-360. Springer: Netherlands. [DOI 10.1007/s11145-006-9033-y]

The experiment procedure was controlled by an Eye and Pen script.

The instruction was given (in french sign language) in a video file display (experimenter’s face is masked for public diffusion).

The following picture shows the display of a stimulus (a matrix to keep in memory).

and then writing down…


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