Dynamic display

Eye and Pen allows to replay the data previously recorded like if it was done with a tape recorder. So, one may have the “movie” played forward or backward. But it is also possible to apply filters to go “trough” the data based on criteria, for example to jump from pause to pause…

The video below shows the simple play (forward) of a simultaneous record of pen and eye mouvements. Location of the eye’s “line of sight” is marked with a cross shaped icon, wheras pen location is symbolized with… a pencil icon. When the pen left the tablet (“up” pause), a strait line joins this point to the place where the pen will be in touch with the tablet again. As an help, the final product is drawn in blue as a watermark. Then we can see what will be written.

In the second half of the video, you’ll a parallel processing sequence: the subjects continues to write while his eyes jump back to the prime text.