What will be

Eye and Pen is a software that evolve with its users.

This means that it was built in function of our research goals (and those of our partners) and it will be enhanced to fulfill the needs of the greatest possible number of users.

So, the forum hosts a section especially dedicated to enhancements (features requests). Depending on the requests, the amount of work required to implement them and of the coherence between these requests and the software’s objectives, we may release a software update as a “patch” (uploaded into the “Updates” section of  the “Downloads” menu) or register and “prioritize” requests to treat them later as a “bloc” to release an Eye and Pen  upgrade.

The list of supported eyetrackers is thin, but any unsupported eyetracker may become supported. If you’re interested in Eye and Pen, but your device is not supported, please get in touch with us (via email to the support).

The “Roadmap” lists enhancements we plan to add to Eye and Pen. Some are drawn from requests and suggestions from users

Roadmap to version 3.0

  • Get an element into an item of the list
  • Capture a portion of the display
  • Ability to add one’s own text into a session log file
  • Optional pictures preloading
  • Add a “template” to help labelling sequences
  • Enhance handwriting samples timing liability
  • Simultaneous voice recording while writing
  • Discontinue support for Eyeputer (Alphabio)
  • Add Gantt diagram showing sequences of writing and pausing, eye movements and fixations
  • Increase the range of available codes, AOI and sequences that can be used
  • Simplify files management
  • Record “in the air” pen movements

Roadmap to version 2.0


  • TabletPC support through Microsoft TabletPC API (Windows XP TabletPC Edition, Windows Vista).
  • Windows Vista/Seven compatibility
  • Support of Wacom new Intuos4 tablet series (2048 pressure levels)


  • ability to perform an acquistion without a tablet
  • manage acquisition on mutiple computers through network
  • applying “special effect” to the trace displayed on screen while recording: blur.
  • applying “special effect” to screen readability : masking.
  • ability to record tablet as an eyetracker (pen movement is recorded, even if  “up”)
  • audio recording of subject’s retrospective comments.
  • Script: syntax checking
  • script: randomizable list of stimuli management
  • script: variables usage
  • support of more images formats


  • replay animation and animation speed management
  • having Eye and Pen drived by an external software, to allow repetitive tasks (extractions etc…).
  • Word clipping tool to generate sequences, AOIs and codings
  • sequences importation/exportation
  • uniformization of data extractions


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