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A summary of the main enhancements (since Eye and Pen 2) is available here: WhatsNew-EP3_en.pdf.

Lastest version: Eye and Pen version 3.0.0-15    [ march 25, 2020 ]


This installer is not an updater. It is a full install.
If you had already installed Eye and Pen 3, you should uninstall the software before installing this version (software version can be checked in the menu ?/ About). It is always safe to backup your Eye and Pen data, if any.

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The corresponding patches can be downloaded clicking on the link below the update description.

As patches may add new configuration parameters, we advise you to check your Eye and Pen configuation parameters (File/Configuration menu).
The software version can be checked in the menu ?/ About.
Patches are cumulatives, i.e. each new patch includes all previous patches.

Eye and Pen version 3.0

Start lockup update (03/25/2020)
– Under some circumstances Eya and Pen will not start.

XML files updates (05/24/2019)
– XML files in the Documents/Models folder were invalid. (unzip the content of this archive into the Models folder of Eye and Pen)

Eye and Pen 2

Eye and Pen version 2.0


The commercial distribution of Eye and Pen 2 has ended on dec. 31, 2018.
But you can still download the software (below).
The latest full version is 2.0.0-74 [ January 04, 2017 ]. This software will work as a demonstration version until a security dongle is plugged.

Version 2.0.0-74 (05/27/2016)
– corrected a bug in “Word separation” is the last word ended on the last Tab sample (generated an incorrect sequence timestamps)
– corrected a bug if the end time of sequence was beyond the end of the protocol
– corrected a bug when navigation from pause to pause based on duration at the end of the protocol
Patch (1.4 Mb) (replace EP.exe in the Program Files folder)

Version 2.0.0-73 (06/13/2013)
– corrected a bug in Extraction | All events | Trigger zones: a few cases where badly handled (when pen slipped out of the area, then back in, or when the pen is lifted up after having slipped out of the zone).
– corrected a defect when replaying TAB data (without EYE data): the pre-writing pause was not replayed.
– corrected a defect when loading a new protocol failed (unknown file format).
Version 2.0.0-72 (04/22/2013)
– when opening a protocol, AOI list is cleared.
– after “Apply AOI”, message display is driven by configuration settings.
– corrected a bug in Extraction | Tracing dynamics: if a sequence was only made a single pause, some column were not written.
– corrected a bug when generating AOI from Word separation: codes should start from 1, not 0.
– corrected a bug in Protocol | Sub-analysis: every 6000 samples, a sample timestamp was zero.

Version 2.0.0-71 (11/20/2012)
– corrected a trouble with Wacom’s new driver version 6.43.3 for Intuos5 (an error message pops up).
– corrected a bug in “Word separation” when no word is found.
Version 2.0.0-70 (06/28/2012)
– corrected a bug in version 2.0.0-69 that prevent a correct evaluation of label’s counter value in a script when performing an execution test.
– script is run directly, wihtout previously requiring an execution test: test success is no more a blocking condition.
– corrected a bug in the script command DisplayImageList: it was not functionning anymore.
– modified script command DisplayImageList behavior: if the last picture is not cleared, display duration is not applied.
Version 2.0.0-69 (06/07/2012)
– corrected a problem when disconnecting NetSync clients: a few remained in list.
– corrected a bug with Eyelink: fielname is limited to 8 caracters (8.3 DOS-norm).
The original name is used when transfering the Eyelink file to to the Display PC (short name -> long name).
– corrected a bug with customized keyboard shortcut not reloading.
– corrected a bug: say “yes” to overwrite a protocol (re-opening) didn’t work.
– Added an option “Print Colunm header” to Extraction | Preference | Data.

Eye and Pen 1

Eye and Pen version 1

To apply a patch, uncompress the ZIP archive into the Eye and Pen installation folder (default location is C:/Program Files/eyeandpen).

Modifications regarding the original documentation can be found in the “Downloads / Manuals” section of this site. To replace the original Eye and Pen documentation, download the new manual, rename it “EPManual_EN.pdf” and move it to the Eye and Pen “documents” sub-folder.

Version 1.1.0-5 (12/17/2009)
– Added an option to Configuration/Acquisition/Eyetracker: “Trigger eyetracker calibration”. Allows to manually trigger the eyetracker calibration procedure. This parameter has no effect for Eyeputer and ASL504 because these eyetracker doesn’t have a “remotely” manageable calibration procedure.
– Added an option to Configuration/Acquisition/Eyetracker: checkbox “Wait for ESC key press to close calibration screen”.
– Added an option to Configuration/Acquisition/Eyetracker/Eyelink/Parameters to set the Drift test’s target position on screen.
– Corrected pauses exportation: data were almost twined.
– Corrected: the eye selected for eyelink wasn’t taken into account, only the left eye was recorded.
Patch (2.43 Mb)

Version 1.1.0-2 (10/22/2008)
– Corrected Configuration/Analysis/General: unchecking the checkbox “Confirm save analysis” wasn’t effective in some circumstances, checkbox was checked again.
– Corrected sequences saving: tabulations into the description caused troubles.
– Corrected Tools/Description: mouvement data also includes overlapping points.

Version 1.1.0-1 (08/21/2008)
– Corrected: initial position of the coding tool is clipped to screen size.
– Tablet/Test now uses values defined in “Configuration/Analysis/Analysis/Draw a line betwwen points” to display the test. it is performed in the same conditions as the analysis.
– The “save” button ” on the Protocol/Description panel is now only appears on the “Statistics” tab.
– Scripts editor dialog boxes have been reviewed.
– A contextual help for commands has been added to the script editor: press F1.
– corrected a trouble with a “popup” error message while testing the test.
– Modified “Tools/Edit sequence list”: now allow to erase the whole list.
– corrected: sequence modification is now taken into account as a prtocol modification (save policy when closing protocol).

Version 1.1.0-0 (05/28/2008)
– Text display (script): cursor is now hidden.
– When clicking on the scrollbars in an analysis, the coding tool keeps the focus (keyboard can be used without having to re-click in the window each time).
– “Protocol/Description”: subject’s name was missing when saving to file.
– “Description” (StdDev, Skew, Kurtosis): correct a risk of numerical data type overfow.
– Save “protocol”: does not ask for saving if the protocol isn’t modified.
– Filenames management in “script”: if the file doesn’t exists, the “Script” field is empty. Launching an acquisition without a script name opens a selection dialog box.
– Correct error messages related to files loading and management.
– The last used files list (“file” menu) only shows saved analyses.
– Script acquisition: the tablet was mapped to the background picture whereas it should be mapped to the display window. As a consequence, if the background picture was smaller than the window, writing display proportions was wrong…
– Bug with a movie display as the last event of a script: the program didn’t leave enough time for the player to close before closing the display window.
– Enable again the ALT+F4 menu shortcut to close Eye and Pen.
– Extraction/AllEvents/Pauses&Fix doesn’t leave data without an event category attached:
for TAB data, 3 states: down pause, up pause, movement [Up,Dn,Mov];
for EYE data, 2 states: fixation, movement [Fix,Mov];
– Protocol/Sub-analysis: now saves sequences included in the time range defined for the sub-analysis. “Crossing” sequences (beginning before the sub-analysis start or ending after the sub-analysis end) are ignored (discarded).
– Directory to save extraction can now be different from data directory.
– It is possible to work within an opened “Preview”.
– “Build fixations”: only fixationnal data have their codes reset to 0. Other data (even with redundant codes) aren’t modified anymore.
– The minimum duration to start a fixation is the duration of 3 samples.
– Check that the picture format can be loaded (format compatibility) when selecting one.
– Picture directory is memorized from an Eye and Pen session to the next.
– Menu cannot be reached anymore (hidden) when “AOI” or “Shift layers” tools are used.
– Added a “General” tab to the “Configuration” panel and moved “Environment” frame from “Analysis” tab to “General”.
– The “last used files” list size can be customized (from 0 to 128) via the Configuration/General tab.
– AOI: “OK”/”Cancel” buttons are replaced with “Apply codes”/”Close”. “Close” allows closing the dialog box without applying codes, but code list is kept (re-open AOI and you’ll find it again).
– AOI file directory is memorized (can be different from data, stimuli etc… directories).
– Menus re-organization: “Close analysis” becomes “Close”. Protocol/”Save” and “Save as”, “Analysis/”New” and “Open” were moved into the “File” menu.
– Display menu change: “Navigation bars” are relocated in a “navigation” sub-menu.
– Extractions: options selections (range, data, codes) are moved into Extractions/Preferences.
– “Fixations & saccades” previews are renamed “Fixations & moves” (better match what is presented). The word “saccade” is replaced with “moves” because “out-fixations” not only are saccades in the “ballistic” meaning but also other kind of mouvements like slow drifts (which remain to caracterize).
– Modification: dialog boxes “reach an hour” , “reach a tab event” etc… auto-select corresponding current values.
– Savings, extractions etc… suggest current protocol name as a defaut.
– “Aggregate redundant codes” enhancement: one may specify specific code to treat for each data type (Tab/Eye).
– Modified background picture selection: can always be changed by clicking on the status bar.
– Extractions/All events: if the options “Add sequence description…” and “Whole production” are selected, the first label encounter for each sequence (in the sequences tool scrolling order, from top to bottom) to which each event belongs will be output, even if the event belongs to more than one sequence. If an Eye and Tab events belongs to different sequences (for example, a fixation begins in a sequence and continue in another sequence where Tab events occurs), the most recent sequence will be considered.
– Modified acquisition session LOG to record the true display ccordinate for pictures and movies. For example,. if the command is DisplayPic(“toto.bmp”,2000,-1,-1), i.e. centered, LOG file will record the exact coordinates of picture location in the display window.
– Added “Provide Calibration Window” to Config/Eyetracker (checkbox). Set if Eye and Pen is to provide a window for calibration or if the eyetracker device manages calibration on its own. For example, the SMI iViewX HED-HT doesn’t need a window for calibration.
– Add Left and Top coordinates for background picture display to Config/Display. Background picture cannow be “shitfed”. This option is ignored by the “Simple” acquisition (must remain simple !).
– Can launch the Windows Settings/Display/Parameters from the ?/System Informations in Eye and Pen.
– Added menu File/Session (opens .LOG file for “script” session) with the ability to directly open Stimuli and protocol files in Eye and Pen.
A RecStandard recording in a “Session” allows to directly reload associated parameters (background, picture 1 triger zones etc…). Inexpected events during a RecStandard recording like a key press etc.. are included as sub-events of RecStandard and not like usual events. Showing and hidding of picture in Rec_Standard (trigger zones) are integated into the LOG:
[Time] Show Image[number]
[Time] Hide Image[number]
– Added Display/Menu shorctuts: dialog box to customize menu shortcuts. To reset shortcuts to the default values, close Eye and Pen and delete the file named “shortcuts.MSL” found in the Eye and Pen directory. Start Eye and Pen.
– Added command WaitFor(Duration): stops the script execution for “duration” milliseconds.
– Added command ResetLabelCounter(Label): resets the iteration counter of a label to zero.
– Added Tools/Correct “out-of-field” erroneous Eye data: sSome eyetracker may return “weird” data when the subject looks outside the calibrated field, for example 4068 degrees.If you do not whish to discard these data (coding them -1), for example to keep the corresponding saccade, you can correct these data to constrains them to a margin around the calibrated area.
– Added a Cancel function. The following actions may be undone:
• Shift layers
• Visual Zones (AOI)
• Code -1 “out-of-field” Eye data
• Correct “out-of-field” erroneous Eye data
• Aggregate redundant codes
• Tablet zones auto-coding
• Replace codes
• Reset codes
• Fixations
• Thresholds
This function is cumulative (one may undo several successive actions), and the number of undo levels can be set in Eye and Pen configuration (Configuration/General menu).
– Added a script editor to Acquisition/Script (click on the “modify” icon). helps to write script commands with dialog boxes (fields to fill or values to select).
– Added Menu ?/Conversions: “Angle -> pixels”, “Tablet unit <-> distance”, “Tablet units <->pixels”.

Version 1.0.0-7 (12/14/2007)
– Enhancement for the Protocol/Sub-analysis function: now also extracts sequences (only sequences fully included in the time interval of the sub-analysis).
– Add some timing validity controls to the Protocol/Sub-analysis function.

Version 1.0.0-6 (07/11/2007)
– modification in Configuration/Acquisition, Tablet tab: the tablet selection is made amongst all tablets configurations declared in the Wacom configuration panel. The problem is that the Wacom configuration panel stores the individual configuration of each tablet that has been plugged, whatever they still are, or not. So, we may have 2 or 3 active configurations with only one tablet plugged, which is identified as tablet n°1, but whose configuration can be n°2 confused. And to make things easier, there isn’t a way to programmatically link both. So, we decided to list configurations.
– bug correction in Configuration/Acquisition, Tablet tab: Y1 wasn’t updated when a tablet was selected.
– bug correction with tablet: the tablet context wasn’t closed with the appropriate function rolleyes.

Version 1.0.0-5 (04/10/2007)
– in Protocol/Description, some protocols doesn’t have a pre-writing pause (Pause zero), for example some sub-protocols;
– in Protocol/Description/Save as, the name of the protocol wasn’t written;
– measurement units were written on the same line as the name of the protocol;
– the “end of pause” button could be used even when the data is not that of a pause;
– in some circumstances, the total duration time displayed in the status bar wasn’t exact.

Version 1.0.0-4 (01/24/2007)
– correction of a mistake risk about which eye is being recorded (Eyelink).
– add support for iViewX eyetrackers (S.M.I. GmbH).
– add option “Manage calibration screen” (checkbox) to the ” Configuration / Acquisition / Eyetracker” menu. Defines if Eye and Pen is to provide a window for the calibration or not.
– correction of defects in the “Tests / Eyetracker / Visual” menu.
– correction of initialization and display troubles for “simple” recording.
– add a file format compatibility checking when selecting an image file in the options of the “Configuration” menu.
– add a security feature to avoid the zoom window being displayed out of screen.

Version 1.0.0-2 (11/24/2006)
– correction of an update problem with the “Clock” tool when there is no eyetracking data.

Version 1.0.0-1 (11/17/2006)
– correction of a synchronization trouble in the “Clock” tool.

Eye and pen 1 original CD ISO image
Eye and Pen 1 ISO (71.7 Mb)